Daxdi online raffles and online lotteries

How works the Daxdi online lotteries?

To be able to participate in the Daxdi promotional lotteries you need to have lottery credits and be a member of the Daxdi club. You cannot participate in the lotteries without lottery credits or without being a member of the Daxdi club.

The Daxdi lotteries are limited to Daxdi club members who can participate for free in any Daxdi lottery obtaining all the numbers that a user wants in each lottery purchasing them with their lottery credits.

A user cannot buy a number in a lottery with cash.

We leave you with a brief guide so that you can understand and start to participate in the online lotteries.

What are the Daxdi online lotteries?

Daxdi lotteries are promotional products published with a fixed amount of numbers, they are intended for all members of the Daxdi Club

Once all the numbers are sold, a 5 minutes countdown will begin while the online lottery starts and users with numbers purchased in the lottery can enter the lottery to see it online in real time.

The lottery winners will be selected in real time.

Online lottery awards

All Daxdi online lotteries always have 3 different awards, so in the final draw 3 numbers will be selected.

The first award is always the promotional product that is drawn, the user who wins it will receive the product completely free and as always in Daxdi with the option to receive in the bank account the value of the product in cash.

The second award will receive lottery credits.

The third award will receive Daxdi coins.

How can I get lottery credits?

To obtain free lottery credits it is necessary to be a Daxdi Club member. All Daxdi Club members receive a fixed amount of lottery credits, Daxdi coins and Daxdi points every day.

The lottery credits can be obtained in the Daxdi points shop by redeeming your Daxdi points for lottery credits.

We will also give free lottery credits to Daxdi Club members when they buy any Daxdi coins package or win an auction.

Winning a lottery

After the lottery its finished it will show instantly the winners, the user who get the first award will see it in their Daxdi user panel as a purchased product with a price of $0.00 , the user has to select if wants to receive the product or it cash value in a bank account.

The second and third awards will be instantly credited to the lottery credit or Daxdi coins balance of the winning users, and will be displayed in their transaction history as a $0.00 transaction.

Consumption of lottery credits for each lottery number purchased

The amount of numbers in each lottery and the prices of each number are calculated automatically when the lottery is published, considering the value of the product drawn.

In a lottery with few numbers, the cost of each number will be higher than in a lottery with more numbers.

The minimum numbers amount in a lottery are 50 lottery numbers and the maximum are 999 lottery numbers.

On the lottery details page all users can view all lottery information, such as the lottery credits needed to obtain a number, the amount of numbers, the user's odds of winning based on the amount of numbers purchased and much more.

Getting lottery numbers

A user can get directly a lottery number which its not owned by another user yet in the lottery details page.

We also have some tools to get them, like entering the amount of numbers you want to buy, the system will select them randomly for you.

There are some more interesting tools for it, discover them in the lotteries details page.

Discover Daxdi, the unique and incredible online auctions world.


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