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Taurus Hexa Striker

Robot vacuum cleaner - Taurus 948.199 HEXA STRIKER Hexagonal design, Includes 2 side brushes,
Efficient cleaning, even in the most difficult areas, as the Taurus Hexa-Striker robot vacuum cleaner and its unique special hexagonal corner design will always guarantee you the best results.

It has a powerful battery of up to 9.6V, which will give you an autonomy of up to 1 hour, and even incorporates an anti-scratch band that protects you at all times in your daily work.
It arrives where others cannot.
The hexagonal design of the Taurus HEXA-STRIKER will guarantee you some results, only dreamed of by other robots, since it arrives in an unbeatable way to any corner, however difficult its access is.

In addition, and thanks to its 2 side brushes this task is very simple.
He always knows where he is.
Thanks to its 3 fall protection sensors, the robot does not fall down stairs, or gaps.

Its technology allows you to move around the spaces, to perfectly fulfill your task, without this causing any discomfort.
No bags, no spare parts.
With an integrated tank, with filter, the robot vacuum cleaner of Taurus does not need to be aware of changing the bag.

Only empty the tank when the robot tells you to, and that's it.

A helper always ready and at full capacity.
Enjoy your time more.
You will know this, but as a good robot vacuum cleaner, he takes care of everything, you don't have to worry about anything, which is the great advantage of getting this type of device.

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