The online auction: LG OL100 - 2000 W has been sold for $2.80

This is a reverse public auction LG OL100 - 2000 W has already finished

Congratulations brownduck605,

The user brownduck605 has won the auction for a final price of $2.80, the user has done 0 bids with a value of $0.00.

The user brownduck605 has a total savings on this auction of $927.69.

The final price of LG OL100 - 2000 W has been $2.80.

The winner of the auction only has to pay the final price of the auction, there is no other additional cost, in this particular case brownduck605 only have to pay $2.80 for LG OL100 - 2000 W.

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15/09/2021 06:14:36

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