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FUJINON 25x150 ED-SX Binoculars Giant FUJINON 25x150 ED-SX The 25x150 ED-SX are equal in performance to the 25x150 MT-SX but with the additional advantage of incorporating modern low-dispersion ED lenses that eliminate chromatic aberration achieving greater resolution and colour fidelity.

They are designed specifically for astronomical observation, the most demanding field for binocular optics.

They are also perfect for all those applications where professional performance with the highest magnification available and the highest quality of optical observation is demanded.

Very robust and totally waterproof: The Giant Fujinon is constructed from a very robust aluminium alloy that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

They are totally waterproof and protected from corrosion and internal lens fogging.

At Telescopiomanaia we strongly recommend this model to be installed on board cruise ships and fishing boats, especially those specialized in tuna fishing.

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