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Efootball PES 2020

Xbox One efootball PES 2020
eFootball PES 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade in leading technology in soccer simulation with a brave promise to revolutionize eFootball and bring the sport to a worldwide audience.

The PES series continues its search for realism, taking into account the comments of fans to bring several shocking changes that drive every moment of the game with a feeling of complete freedom and control.

Having used the experience of the legendary Andres Iniesta camper center, the most recent title in the series has been molded with a renewed focus on immersion and authenticity.

Get ready to be surprised by the new dribbling skills and the physics of the ball, which will allow you to exercise a greater level of control over your game.

Take the manager's seat in a completely renewed Master League and experience the satisfaction of orchestrating behind the scenes an incredible victory for your club.

Let yourself be carried away by the energy of the public while fighting for mastery of the new competitive mode, Matchday.

Finally, enjoy the sights and sounds of the field made in incomparable detail thanks to the thousands of graphic and sound improvements.

Features: NEW RATE TECHNIQUE: SUBSTITUTE RATE - Advanced technique that will allow users who are experts to anticipate the movements of their opponents to wind between defense with exceptional agility.

Developed with the help of world-famous midfielder Andrés Iniesta.

UPDATE OF BALL CONTROL MECHANICS - Now players will show improved intelligence when interacting with an approaching ball, choosing a technique to receive it that is not only a representation of their playing style, but that adapts to the situation of each party.

A lot of new skills on ball control will be available; including Touchless Control that allows you to run next to an incoming ball without contact; and Trick and Catch, a skill that allows you to pretend a reception in one direction before skillfully turning in the opposite direction to that of an opponent.

PRECISE SHOT IN DELICATE CIRCUMSTANCES - A great level of realism has been added to the field this season with an improvement in the circumstances in which it is thrown.

This means that the accuracy of each shot and pass you make will change depending on your posture, your position in the field and the amount of pressure you are under, getting a more authentic football experience.

AUTHENTIC DEFENSIVE BEHAVIOR - Significant improvements have been made to accurately recreate every moment of tense play that occurs around the area when defenses attempt to stop a well executed attack.

These improvements include additional ticket animations, more realistic animations when you clear the ball with your head, as well as the option to make an Intentional Foul as a last effort to save a desperate situation.

BALL PHYSICS IMPROVEMENTS - First Touch interactions will now be represented with greater realism, allowing the most astute players to anticipate the direction of the ball.

Fans of football with a technical mindset will also be able to take advantage of an improved control system that will allow them to handle the ball with various parts of their foot and control it with a high level of dexterity.

ADAPTABLE PLAYER INTERACTION: MOTIVATE - not only will each player's style of play affect the way he interacts with the ball, it will also have a significant impact on the behavior of the players around him.

For example, when a player famous for his dribbling skills takes possession of the ball, his teammates will disperse to give him the space needed to make a penetrating career.

In the same way, when a well-known midfielder has the ball, his teammates will position themselves more aggressively to give him an advantage in his prodigious passing ability.

PLAY AS RONALDINHO - Recognized worldwide as one of the most entertaining players in the sport, Ronaldinho's unique football style reaches PES 2020 in a big way.

The introduction of new animations based on Ronaldinho means that you can finally move like him, using an incomparable technical talent and a fluid movement to defeat defenses with impunity.

You can also use some first-touch techniques for banding, including control with the chest and back.

LEAGUE MASTER REMASTERIZED INTERACTIVE DIALOGUE SYSTEM - Within new cinematic scenes, choose the reactions that best suit your personality to drive the progression of the mode and create your own personal history of the Master League.

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