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Drone SK8 Gladius

Mini Drone - SK8 Gladius Mini Submarine, 4K Camera, Live Broadcast, 2 Hours, Up to 100 m
The Gladius Mini is an underwater Mini Drone with 5 engines, capable of submerging up to 100 meters deep and equipped with 4k ultra HD camera and two powerful spotlights, it is perfect for underwater photography and exploration.
The Gladius Mini is a drone of small size that is submerged in a stable and simple way, thanks to its submarine fuselage, its 5 propellers and its inclination ± 45 °.

It is perfect for photography while diving or from your boat or even for industrial inspection: docks, hulls, dams, aquaculture, etc.
Always with you
The size of your Gladius Mini and weighing only 2.5 kg, allows you to take it to your multiple adventures, it comes with its own backpack with reflective strips that protect you in the dark.
Total control from your smartphone
With the IF.Dive application you have in your device everything you need to pilot your submarine drone in the simplest way, just by pressing a button you change the diving direction, adjustable by ± 45 ° and with the Tilt-Lock mode you move forward or backward maintaining a fixed depth.
Share amazing underwater experiences
Gladius Mini broadcasts everything that is currently in HD and even allows you to share it for everyone to see, either to your followers or by connecting up to 3 devices simultaneously, so that up to 2 more people can see it live and If you want a totally immersive experience, also connect a Virtual Reality Glasses, you will feel as if you were swimming with the fish.
Gladius Mini, great in performance
The Gladius submarine mini ROV coil has double connectors, so you can put extra rope and extend the range (330 to 660 feet).

With 2 hours of autonomy and the size of a laptop, it allows you to take it wherever you want and explore for a long time.

With easy-to-remove SD card port so you have the recordings available in the fastest way.

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