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Celestron Omni 130

Telescopes - Celestron Omni 130 XLT AZ, Reflector, Blue
The Omni 130 XLT AZ Telescope has the best AZ manual mount of all time.

It has a high quality optics that lives up to the elegant design of the Omni XLT series.
Telescope day and night
Omni 130 XLT ZA is the ideal telescope for day and night observations.

A double position arm can be dragged back to aim higher in the sky, or adjusted to aim down to see objects at or below the horizon.

Perfect for balconies, tall windows and observatories, Omni offers stunning views of wildlife, landscapes and much more.

In addition, its beautiful design makes it a masterpiece in any room.
Great Benefits
A robust aluminum tripod stabilizes the images.

The mount is assembled in just a few minutes with a simple configuration and without tools.

All optical surfaces of the Omni 130 XLT AZ are completely coated with XLT optical coatings.

This patented technology guarantees maximum light transmission and clear views provided by the Omni series.Thanks to its great light-picking capacity you can see all the best celestial objects in the solar system and beyond.

Its wide field of vision allows you to appreciate extensive objects such as the Pleiades star cluster, the Andromeda galaxy or simply explore the Milky Way.

With the maximum opening of the series, this reflector also allows you to enjoy Jupiter and Saturn in great detail.

It incorporates a parabolic mirror that does not introduce spherical aberration.

Includes a high quality 25mm Plossl eyepiece.
StarPointer Pro search engine
With the StarPointer Pro reticulum finder you can observe from a bird to a distant galaxy, this finder projects a double circle reticle.

Place the object in the center of the circles, and you will be ready to see it with your Omni AZ telescope, it is easy to adjust the search engine.

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