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Daxdi Royale auctions guide

How do Daxdi Royale auctions works?

Royale auctions have a limited number of bids that must be placed in them.

Each user can place a maximum of 50 bids on each auction.

When all the bids necessary for the auction to end have been placed, the winner of the auction will be the user who has placed the higher unique bid, that is, the bid closest to auction's maximum price without any other user having placed a bid for the same amount.

We leave you with a brief guide so that you can understand the Royale auctions and start participating in them.

What are the Royale auctions?

Royale auctions are auctions with no time limit or countdown. They have a pre-set amount of bids that must be placed in the auction before it can end.

All auctions have the same minimum price of NZ$0.01 and a maximum price that varies according to the auction. Bids can be placed for any amount within the range between the minimum and maximum auction price.

The Royale auction winner will be the user who placed the highest unique bid closest to auction maximum price.

Douplicated bids

When the same bid is placed by more than one user that bid is no longer unique and therefore becomes invalid.

On the auction details page you can see the top 300 bids of the auction, in this history the bid amount is completely hidden, and both unique and duplicate bids will appear, in the Royale auctions there are no clues.

What is a unique bid?

A unique bid is a bid placed on the auction for an amount that has not been placed by any other user, meaning that if you place a bid for NZ$21.99 and another user places a bid for NZ$21.99 that bid will be duplicated and will no longer be unique, so you will not be able to win the auction. The highest unique bid, closest to auction maximum price without being repeated by any other user, will be the winner of the auction.

Winning a Royale auction

When all the remaining bids indicated by the auction to end are placed, the auction will end, and the system will show the user with the higher unique bid placed closest to the auction maximum price as the auction winner.

The winner of the auction will only have to pay the amount of their winning bid to purchase the auctioned product, and as with all Daxdi auctions the winner of the auction will receive Daxdi points and an increase in progression to the next user level.

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