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Daxdi ascending and descending private auctions guide

How works the Daxdi private auctions?

Private auctions are characterized by a have limited number of seats available, which means that only a limited number of users can participate in them.

To participate in a private auction you only need to buy a seat in the auction.

The Daxdi private auctions can be ascending or descending

We leave you with a brief guide to help you understand these auctions and start participating in our private ascending and descending auctions.

What are the private auctions?

The private auctions are auctions with a limited number of participants, a maximum of 10 participants in each auction and a minimum that varies according to the value of the auctioned product. In order to participate in a private auction, it is necessary to buy a seat in the auction.

When the minimum number of seats is sold, the auction will start with a 24 hour countdown, and its procedure is the same as for public ascending or descending auctions with the exception that only users with a seat can participate.

Buying a seat for a private auction

To buy a seat to participate in an auction is very simple, just click on the buy a seat button and confirm the purchase. Once confirmed you will be able to see the auction in another color and the bid button.

The seats in the private auctions are purchased through Daxdi coins and their cost depends on your Daxdi user level and the product that is being auctioned.

When does a private auction start?

A private auction starts when the minimum number of seats required for the auction starts are sold. When an auction starts in which you have a purchased seat you will receive an email notifying you.

When the minimum number of seats to participate in the auction are sold, the auction starts with a 24 hour countdown, which gives all participants time to prepare for the auction. From the moment that the auction starts, you can start to place your bids or setup your Daxdi assistant.

Meet your rivals in the private auctions

At any time you can meet your rivals in a private auction, by visiting the auction details page you will see the participants who have a seat in the auction.

You can see them at any time, with the auction opened or when there are still seats to be sold before it starts.

There are no secrets.

Consumption of Daxdi coins per each placed bid

All Daxdi private auctions have a variable Daxdi coins consumption between 1 and 9 Daxdi coins, this value can be viewed by accessing the auction details page.

This means that when you place a bid in an auction, between 1 and 9 Daxdi coins will be deducted from your Daxdi coins balance. You can find out the Daxdi coins consumption for each auction by accessing the auction details page.

Use and activate your Daxdi assistant

To activate your Daxdi assistant in any auction just go to the details page of any auction and activate it.

Just enter the maximum number of bids you want your Daxdi assistant do for you, and it will create its own strategy. At the same time, you can place manual bids.

Your Daxdi assistant learns from you, from every bid you place, in the seconds you place your bids. With your assistant activated you can place manual bids simultaneously. Your assistant will stop bidding when it reaches the bidding limit with which you have configured it.

With Daxdi you never lose

If you have not won the auction or simply want to stop bidding on the product you are bidding on, you can use the buy now function.

When you use the buy now function, we deduct from the final product price the value of the bids placed in the auction and you will keep the Daxdi Points you have earned with your bids.

Winning a private auction

Congratulations, now you only have to pay the final auction price. When you win the auction, you will receive additional points from Daxdi and the sum of NZ$100.00 in your progress to the next user rank.

Once you have paid for the auction, all you have to do is choose if you want your product sent to you or if you prefer to receive the product's value in cash in your bank account.

Activate your Daxdi Spy

Activating your Daxdi Spy in an auction will allow you to see exclusive information about the auction participants.

If you activate this function you will know which users have activated a Daxdi assistant and the number of bids from each of them.

With this information you can take advantage of your rivals and create your strategy based on real data and information.

Activate your Daxdi Pro

If you activate your Daxdi Pro you will be able to see and know all the information about all the users who have placed at least one bid in the auction.

You will have access to very valuable and exclusive information to create the best bidding strategy in the auction. You will be able to see the number of total Daxdi coins that each user has in their account and the time of their last bid.

Use this information intelligently and create your strategy to win the auction.

Discover Daxdi, the unique and incredible online auctions paradise.


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