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Daxdi mysterious auctions guide

How do Daxdi mystery auctions works?

The mystery auctions are characterized by having a fixed final price set, these auctions do not have a timer or countdown, they will only be closed when a bid reaches the mysterious price.

In this auctions type all users can place consecutive bids without any limit.

The mysterious auctions always increase the current auction price with each placed bid.

We leave you with a brief guide so that you can understand the mystery auctions and start participating in them.

What are the mysterious auctions?

The mystery auctions are online auctions with a preset hidden final price, the user who reaches the mystery price with his bid will automatically win the auction, and the auction will be closed.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of bids to win the auction or to reach the mystery price, a user can win it by placing a single bid if that bid reaches the mystery price, moreover there is no limit of consecutive bids in this auction type.

Bidding on mysterious auctions

All users can bid in these auctions, check the Daxdi coins consumption for each bid placed, as in all Daxdi auctions the Daxdi coins consumption varies according to the value of the auctioned product.

The mysterious auctions always start with a price of NZ$0.01 .

The mysterious price

The mysterious price its calculated randomly when the auction its published, there are not minimum or maximum values for the mysterious price.

Once a user places a bid that reaches the mystery price, the auction will automatically close and the user will be the auction winner, having to pay only the final auction price.

Advanced functions

All users can use the advanced function to buy clues about the mystery price, there are 3 types of clues that can be purchased.

Each type of mystery price clue will give you a clue with a different price range, the price range among which is the mystery price, will be higher on the cheapest clue and lower on the most expensive clue.

By buying a clue about the mysterious price we will show you a range of prices among which is the mysterious price, for example if the mysterious price is NZ$5.00 buying the most expensive clue you will see a range of NZ$4.00 to NZ$6.00.

Winning a mysterious auction

An user will win a mysterious auction when the placed bid reach the mysterious price.

For example, if an auction have a mysterious price of NZ$2.71 and the auction have a current price of NZ$2.70 the next user on place a bid will reach the mysterious price, the auction will be closed and the user won it just having to pay the auction final price.

As all Daxdi auctions, the user who won an auction will have to pay only the auction final price, taking the previous example the user will have to pay NZ$2.71 to purchase the won product.

No hidden fees or shipping costs. Also after pay the auction final price the user will can select between receive the auctioned product or it cash value in a bank account.

Discover Daxdi, the unique and incredible online auctions paradise.


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