Daxdi now accepts payments with Bitcoin

Access to all Daxdi products anonymously with Bitcoin

Do you want to be 100% anonymous? Use Bitcoin for all your transactions at Daxdi

The right to anonymity and privacy, something that should be mandatory but in reality hardly exists, in Daxdi we are aware of it, we believe in the need for any user to choose whether to be anonymous and maintain their privacy and anonymity.

Use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and other cryptocurrencies both to make your payments and deposits in Daxdi and to receive payments and benefits obtained in Daxdi.

You can even receive any product purchased or won in any auction or lottery without having to verify your address, so you can use any address to receive your products.

Here is a brief guide to help you understand how to use Daxdi anonymously with Bitcoin.

You do not have to identify yourself or verify your identity

You can access all of Daxdi's products and features without the need to identify yourself, we will not ask you for any verification of your identity or address.

Use any mailing address to receive any product you have purchased or won in auctions or sweepstakes, without explanation or verification.

Only users who make purchases and payments by credit or debit card have to verify their identity and provide documentation, so as long as you only use cryptocurrencies you will be completely anonymous.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted?

Currently you can make your payments and purchases with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Luna, Sol, Avax, Egld, Bitcoin Cash, Polkadot and BNB.

These cryptocurrencies can be used for purchases, deposits and withdrawals to any external wallet.

We will progressively add more cryptocurrencies and exclusive products for users who use cryptocurrencies.

How can I make Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency deposits?

The first thing you need to do is to create your account and activate your Daxdi wallets. To activate your wallets go to your user panel, go to the -My cryptocurrencies- menu and click on the button to generate wallets. In a few seconds all the wallets for each cryptocurrency will be created.

Once you have your Daxdi wallets created, you just have to click on the -Deposit- button of the cryptocurrency you want to deposit, there you can see the details of your wallet to make the deposit, either manually by copying your address and using the network that shows you or by scanning the QR code.

Once you have made the deposit you will only have to wait a few minutes for the transaction to be verified, this depends on the network and the saturation it has at that moment, but it should not take more than 5-10 minutes in most cases.

Direct purchases with Coinbase

You also have the option to make a direct purchase of any product, whether it is a physical product or any asset on the platform such as Daxdi coins through the Coinbase payment gateway.

The process is the same, and you can select the one you prefer when making a payment, choosing between using the available balance in your Daxdi wallets or making a direct payment through coinbase. The main difference is that by using your wallets you do not make use of third party applications and all transactions are made only through Daxdi.

Unique wallets for each user

When you create your wallets in Daxdi, new wallets are created and you have full access to them from Daxdi. In Daxdi we do not use common wallets that need MEMO, the addresses of your wallets are yours only and exclusively.

Use your wallets and their balance without any restriction to deposit and withdraw.

Converts any asset

You can convert any cryptocurrency into any Daxdi asset, Daxdi coins or lottery tickets.

And the same in reverse, any Daxdi asset such as Daxdi coins, lottery tickets or Daxdi points can be converted to the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Remember that the cryptocurrencies you win in any Daxdi product, whether they are auctions or cryptocurrency raffles will be deposited directly into your Daxdi wallets as long as the asset won is supported by your respective Daxdi wallet. If you win an asset for which you do not have a Daxdi wallet, once won you will be asked to enter the address where you want to receive it.

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