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The Daxdi Club guide

How works the Daxdi Club?

The Daxdi Club is a premium and VIP membership with unique and incredible benefits for its members.

All Daxdi Club members will receive the Daxdi Club card with a unique membership number, this number will be required to access some restricted Daxdi Club functions, pages and more.

Becoming a member of the Daxdi Club is the best way to become a Daxdi VIP member, get daily refills, access to online lotteries and much more.

We leave you with a brief guide so that you can get to know all the benefits which are associated with being a member of the Daxdi Club and how to do it.

What is the Daxdi Club?

It is a premium membership that allows you to be a Daxdi VIP member and access exclusive features, discounts, daily refills on your Daxdi coins balance, your lottery credits and your Daxdi points.

But not only that, you will also have access to buy in our online shop products that are not yet available in shops.

Become into a Daxdi Club member

You can choose between different Daxdi club memberships, each one with different benefits.

To become a Daxdi Club Member select the Premium membership you prefer, complete the payment and you are now a Daxdi Club Member

Discover Daxdi, the unique and incredible online auctions paradise.


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