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Know everything about Daxdi online auctions project

Daxdi was born in November 2015, before Christmas, as an online shop of luxury and high-end products, making the shipment of our products to each of our customers in record time.

After analyzing the good results of the online shop in 2015 and 2016 and the customer's opinions, we decided to do a small survey among all our customers to find out what they would like to change or have at Daxdi.

The answers obtained were clear and conclusive, the 90% of our users, both customers and users who did not finish their purchases, had the same desire, to be able to buy and have access to our entire catalogue of luxury and high-end products at prices affordable to anyone, without the need that only a small percentage of people could afford to buy and enjoy them.

In the year 2017 we had the difficult and incredible task of making it a reality, and here the current Daxdi auctions platform was born.

Daxdi is managed, administered and owned by an International company, and we'll tell you how we made our users' and clients' wishes come true.

In 2017 we had over 5,000 active users worldwide and recurrent customers for our luxury and high-end online shop and the first Daxdi version with its first online auctions.

We launched the private online auctions of luxury products.

All types of jewelry, precious stones and high-end technological products were now available for sale in an online auction format.

The Daxdi's first private online auctions had a fixed number of users per auction, the price of the auctioned item was divided among the participants obtaining the price that each user had to pay for their seat in the auction. Before the auction started, the item had already been paid for in full by the participants.

With the product fully paid for before the auction began, participants had to bid on the auction with virtual money until the auction ended and the winner received the product.

Our active user and customer community grew to one million users in 2018.

The reaction of our customers and users was incredible, products worth between NZ$10,000.00 up to NZ$50,000.00

could be bought for very little money plus the price of the auction ticket, but not everyone was equally happy it had its negative side and was that in a 10 participants auction, for example, only 1 participant would win the auction and take the product, the remaining 9 users had a feeling of frustration and sadness for not having won the auction.

At this point we focused on the 9 participants who had not won the auction and felt they had lost their money, we could not allow that, as it was totally against our vision and our goal, so here was born the Daxdi points system and the points shop.

In 2018, we made this major upgrade to the Daxdi platform to satisfy and make sure that each and every one of our users always wins in greater or lesser proportion, but never loses their money.

We created the Daxdi point system, which gave each participant in an auction points for each bid they made in an auction, although it had the exception that the winner of the auction would lose all the Daxdi points accumulated during the winning auction, only the other participants who made their bids but did not get to win the auction would keep them.

To make the Daxdi points shop possible we used all the bids made at the auctions, as those bids were made with already fully paid auctioned products, we decided to give back to the non-winning participants the 90% of all the profit obtained with the bids in a points format, this is how Daxdi points were born.

This decision had 2 objectives or missions, the first and most important was to try to return to the participants who had not won the auction but had participated in it the maximum possible amount of money of their investment to win the auction to eliminate that feeling of loss at an emotional level and at a physical level, we do not want anyone to lose anything and at the same time the second objective that we had was that with the point shop and its items the stock flow of items would begin to multiply, so that we could acquire them in greater and greater quantities and cheaper with the benefits that this has for our customers.

At the end of 2018, Daxdi continues to grow unstoppably and with the great objective of satisfying over 95% of our clients and users, something truly incredible.

We end 2018 with 1.3 million active users worldwide, 50 daily private auctions, the Daxdi points shop and our initial online shop for luxury and high-end products.

We had already achieved the most difficult task without any doubt, ensuring that our users did not lose money as a result of not winning while participating in our luxury product auctions.

If we have reached this far and achieved all these milestones and goals it is only thanks to each and every one of our customers and users who have always trusted Daxdi.

And yes, of course, Daxdi has behind it an international level company with the objective of making money like any other company, those benefits obtained by the company are the ones that made possible all the platform and Daxdi system upgrades, to start having our own stock, our own warehouses and with that reduce in a lot the purchase costs of the products which we sell, which translates into cheaper products for our users, more money distributed in the Daxdi points format and above all, that it was becoming more and more feasible to recover the investment of all the participants in the auctions who had not been able to win it, that is undoubtedly what made us happier and continues to do so.

By 2019 we were already the leaders in the global online auctions market by far.

In February 2019 we reached the amount of 3 million users, our continuous work and dedication, our goal to satisfy not only the auction winner as well as 100% of our users and participants, and of course the trust and loyalty of our users made it possible.

And the time has come for another major update at Daxdi, launching user levels, public auctions and both ascending and descending auction modalities.

We have our own products in stock, this makes possible the delivery in 72 hours to any point of the world, there is no other online shop in the world capable of making the delivery of the products sold and auctioned in Daxdi in such a short period of time.

In the year 2019, we are already selling more than 1,000 products per day.

Unbelievable! 1,000 luxury products sold daily, resulting from the sum of all the daily auctions and all the purchases both in the online shop and in the points shop.

In 2019 we already had 4 auction types, private ascending and descending auctions, and public ascending and descending auctions, with a new auction every 10 minutes for 24 hours a day.

But we don't stop there, with almost 4 million users and being the largest online auctions house in the world, we want to continue growing and making possible the wishes of each and every one of our users while maintaining our initial philosophy, which made us reach this point which is none other than to think about each and every one of our clients, to make them happy whether they win an auction or not, an incredibly difficult task that we have achieved.

The year 2021, a new year with many new goals and a great update from Daxdi that will be launched in the upcoming months.

In February 2020 we launched the new Daxdi release, with the mysterious auctions and the long-awaited online lotteries, a completely redesigned and new auction platform, and a unique online auction experience.

But our mission remains the same, with more ambition and desire to be able to offer more and more luxury products to more and more people at the lowest possible prices, making them accessible to anyone regardless of their income or family finances, we want luxury products to stop being luxury products and to reach more and more people.

A new Daxdi update is coming soon!


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