Dolce Gusto Krups Genio 2

Dolce Gusto Krups Genio 2

Dolce Gusto Krups Genio 2

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Product description

Dolce Gusto Krups Genio 2

Capsule coffee maker - Nescafé Dolce Gusto Krups KP1605H Genio 2, 15 bar pressure, Red
Start your day with a good coffee or chocolate, thanks to the Krups KP1605IB GENIO 2 Red multi-drink coffee maker with Dolce Gusto capsule system that with its different varieties of flavors will give your family a perfect breakfast every morning.

From the most delicious chocolate to the most refreshing iced tea this multi-drink coffee maker will offer you all the possible possibilities in the easiest and fastest way.

In addition, its compact and stylized design will give a very modern touch to your kitchen.

You won't want to change it once you've tried it.
The decision is on your finger
How do you like coffee? Short and intense? Long and aromatic? All possible variations in the simplest way with your coffee maker.

Its design incorporates a practical regulator at the top with which you can regulate the intensity of the drink you want to drink at any time, without complications and quickly.
It prepares almost by itself
This system will allow you to be able to make any drink without your being in front of the coffee maker, so you can combine its use with other tasks.

You just have to tell her what amount you want and she will take care of everything.
Different flavors with Dolce Gusto
Dolce Gusto puts at your disposal countless flavors: chocolate, iced tea, different forms of cappuccino, and many others that combined with its different variants of coffee of the highest quality, make your coffee machine the perfect multi-drink machine.

Surely you already have a favorite flavor Do you dare to try the rest?
Adjustable cup platform
As a good multi-drink machine you can regulate in a very comfortable way the support platform of the container, whether cups or glasses, and depending on the drink you want to drink you can use all sizes.
With a spectacular design
In addition to a very attractive design, its small size will go unnoticed on the marble of your kitchen.

A good way to savor any time of the day.

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