Krups Espressaria Die Caste

Krups Espressaria Die Caste

Krups Espressaria Die Caste

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Product description

Krups Espressaria Die Caste

Super-automatic coffee maker - Krups Espressaria Die Caste Quattro Force EA82FD
You will never have had a real coffee until you do it in a super-automatic coffee maker.

And nowhere better than the Kpress Espressaria Die Caste Quattro Force EA82FD, a jewel of engineering applied to coffee makers.

You deserve it, have the best coffees in the world every morning!
The technology applied to coffee
You can be sure.

The Quattro Force system produces beverages with an absolutely unmatched level of excellence.

Savor the texture of a coffee that goes straight from the grain to the cup and let your palate enjoy total purity.

The machine will do everything in a matter of seconds: grind, press, percolate and drain.

And ready to delight your guests and you.

In addition, with its percolation optimizer you can achieve a soft or intense coffee as you want since you can regulate the porosity of the mechanism.
The secret is in the press
Thanks to the hydraulic cylinder, the coffee compaction will be totally perfect.

There is no better way than this to obtain a balanced espresso full of flavor only available to professionals.

Also with the Active Speed ​​grinder you will get your coffees much faster without losing a bit of quality.
The best taste at a distance button
The Krups coffee maker is capable of making coffee extremely well and tasty.

But it is also very fast.

With the One-Touch-Capuccino system you can make spectacular cappuccinos with the press of a single button.
And it is also resistant
Just in case you still doubt any of its characteristics, add this one: it is resistant and durable.

Its materials are high quality designed to last a long time.

And with its automatic functions AutoClean pressure system you can achieve a very long-lasting performance thanks to the fact that it maintains itself and accumulates the minimum lime in each service.

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